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Michigan's Stay-at-Home Executive Order

To our Valued Clients:

I certainly hope that you are all healthy. I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on how the lawn and landscape industry is affected under the current order. Under the current order, which is still at this point supposed to end on the 13th of April, the industry is not deemed essential in Michigan. That being said, work is still on hold until then. Myself and others in the industry are working to make sure that it is reclassified as essential, as cleanups and lawn maintenance are sanitation concerns. If there is an extension of the order, we will be working with officials to see where things stand as well as work with you as valued clients to ensure that your needs are taken care of. This is an unprecedented time, and I understand much of this is inconvenient. We want to help anyway we can. I appreciate your patience during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Bradley Yahr

Yahr'd Work Outdoor Services (231) 499-5459

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